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Below are a list of issues important to Ryan in San Dimas. Ryan wrote his positions below on each of these issues and would love to hear from you on the issues. Click on Contact to share your issues or thoughts with Ryan.


Without feedback, there is no growth. As your councilmember, I will work to ensure your local government is responsive, reflective, and accountable so that it may improve. I want to make the frustrating stories of dealing with the City of San Dimas a thing of the past with comprehensive reform. Through the incorporation of local government auditors, I will ensure an annual audit plan is created, audits conducted, reports published and made public, and recommendations assessed to improve our city and local government. 

Jobs and Economy

With participation in the workforce at its lowest point in 4 decades, we’re adding the wrong jobs and potentially courting the wrong businesses. Government’s main job is to keep its citizens safe, not tax companies until they leave or keep them from opening in our community.

I’ll fight to attract companies to San Dimas and keep them here. Also, I’ll reduce red-tape and make most transactions businesses must conduct with the city available digitally. I will also work to create partnerships between local businesses and our local high schools to ensure that our children have quality jobs waiting for them when they graduate. 

Public Safety

Violent crime is up 5.2% across Los Angeles County and with the recent passage of Proposition 57 there will be an estimated 16,000 violent criminals being released into our communities. That’s why we need leaders who know what it takes to fight crime and keep our neighborhoods safe. As a Deputy Sheriff and Sergeant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department I’ve done just that, for the past 10 years.

Successfully fighting crime isn’t just about making sure we have enough deputies patrolling our neighborhoods, but how those deputies are used. My first priority as your Councilmember will be to stop the noticeable increase in residential burglaries occurring in Via Verde. I’ll also continue to promote the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training initiative that I started on the Public Safety Commission, because every household should be prepared for a disaster – whether manmade or natural.

I’m the only candidate running who has the experience to make our neighborhoods safe again and that’s why I earned the endorsement of the Professional Peace Officers’ Association (PPOA) and it’s over 8,700 members across Los Angeles County.

Public Transportation

With the significant mass-transportation planned for San Dimas it is important that you have a member on the Council who is going to fight for your interests above those of their own or those living in surrounding communities. The establishment of quiet zones is an urgent matter impacting the quality of life of our citizens, business productivity, and disturbing our children’s classrooms.  Quiet zones provide additional vehicular and pedestrian barriers as well as other safety measures enhancing public safety.  As residents of San Dimas who live immediately adjacent to the proposed path of the new Metro Gold light rail line, my wife and I have a real stake in making sure that when this goes through, it’s done right. It is important to note that if the development and incorporation of the Metro Gold Line Station in San Dimas can’t be done properly, it shouldn’t be done at all.


Across California government at all levels has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Voters across Los Angeles County just passed Measure M which would create a .5% sales tax increase that will cost taxpayers $870 million, annually, and has no sunset. On the tails of that monumental increase, the Board of Supervisors has placed yet ANOTHER tax increase – this one would cost the taxpayers an additional $355 million a year – on the ballot for the March 7, 2017 Election.

As your Councilman, you’ll always know where I stand on taxes – you pay too many of them. Government needs to learn to do everything it needs to with what it is given. I oppose this new reach into our pocketbooks and will do everything in my power to stand against it. 


Our elected leaders work for us and when people work for us we expect them to provide consistent updates on their work product – the City of San Dimas is no exception. As your Councilman, I will incorporate several measures to enhance transparency. I want you to know:

  • Where your taxes are going
  • What the city’s reserves are
  • Which contracts are up, how much they are for, and who won the bid
  • What vendors the city uses
  • How much we pay each vendor annually
  • Who is contributing to Mayoral and Council candidates 
  • How much people / organizations are contributing to candidates
  • Employee salaries (including city councilmembers’ overall pay)

At the end of the day I work for you and I want you to be satisfied that your council is being a good steward of the revenue you’ve entrusted us with.

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